Getting Phone Companion without TeamCall

24U Phone Companion comes with TeamCall Lite by default.

TeamCall is a 3rd-party CTI middleware developed by ilink Kommunikationssysteme GmbH.

The TeamCall Lite license bundled with 24U Phone Companion is an OEM license for TeamCall that allows you to use TeamCall only with Phone Companion.

If you want to use TeamCall with other software as well or if you already have a TeamCall license from another source, you may want to purchase the 24U Phone Companion license separately, without TeamCall Lite. In that case, first make sure that you really have the full version of TeamCall, and then contact with an inquiry to buy Phone Companion without TeamCall.

Note that Direct ( does NOT come with full version of TeamCall included. The license you get with Direct allows you to use TeamCall only with Direct, not with Phone Companion. Direct comes with a free/bundled version of TeamCall. To use TeamCall with another software, including Phone Companion, you need to ged a license, but you don't have to re-install TeamCall or install an additional copy. You just need to apply the license.

If you only need to use TeamCall with 24U Phone Companion the most cost-effective way is to simply buy Phone Companion with TeamCall Lite from our website.

If you want to use TeamCall with other applications as well you need to buy the full version of TeamCall from ilink (


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    Marty Thomasson

    Is the version of TeamCall that is included with the PhoneCompanion Extras folder in plugin download package ( TeamCall-3.8.11-558-macosx.dmg ) "TeamCall Lite"? I assume yes and that this will allow us to perform a test of  the plugin and that we do not need to purchase a TeamCall license in order to test and demo the plugin against our hardware.

    Where can one get TeamCall Lite for Windows?

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